My Journey

I have had quite a journey and am happy to share more once we meet.

My life post surgery, was very difficult. I was left with large numb areas and others that were very painful. I had no idea how to establish new neural pathways to climax and I was very disconnected with my body.


I met a Certified Sexological Bodyworker called Katie Sarra, who spent a number of sessions helping me. I quickly regained a little feeling, and learnt so much as she skilfully guided me along this new journey. Today all the numbness has gone and I have gone from feeling mega shame regarding my body, to pleasure. I never thought I would ever again reach orgasm but a few weeks ago I did, it was a truly magical and expanding experience.

I have also learned about many ways to self-pleasure, to understand how breathing in different ways lengthens and promotes more pleasure. I have more understanding about both male and female anatomy.

I never believed I would get to a point were I would openly be wanting to share my gifts with others and with pride.

As I have trained my fingers have become more sensitive and I so love this work and feel privileged to have come to a place in my life were I can teach others.

My gender allows me to step back a little from gender and support my clients more freely.