Trangender Post Operative Help

Trangender Post Operative Help

Due to my own difficulties post surgery , finding and enjoying my new neural pathway to pleasure were beyond my own ability .

I had not been prepared , nor had given thought to how or if I might be able to have climax in my new body.

Using my training in sexological body work , and my unique position as the first Transexual sexological bodyworker in Europe , I wanted to understand how to grow new neural pathways , and also work with the scars from gender surgery that often hinder and block full sensation.

Let me help you gain pride in the new you .

Explore and gain new skills , in a warm safe place with someone who has been there and felt the pain , but has grown and is proud of who she is.
The work I do helps with the re wiring of neural pathways , reduces the effects caused by scaring , helps build somatic awareness within our new body , and prepares us better for a deeper understanding or our erotic mind . .and our new genital configuration .
If you want to keep your brain agile, you’re going to have to hone in on parts of the brain that you use less frequently, And this new task has to be so challenging that you’ll feel mentally and physically exhausted after practicing the task because you’re forcing your brain to work in ways it’s unaccustomed to. This is the only way you’ll actually grow new neurons strong enough to connect with existing neurons, forming new pathways.
our emotions and channeling energy from them, exercising self-control and willpower,

You can’t just learn a new language or musical instrument and never think about it again; you’ll forget what you learned. New connections and pathways are fragile, and only through repetition and practice can those connections be established enough to become habitual or default behaviours.

To have the energy to keep your brain flexible and “plastic,” and your physical health needs to be in good shape, especially since your brain sucks up such a massive amount of your body’s nutrients. The hydration, nutrients, and rest you need are even more important as your brain learns, unlearns, and relearns behavioural patterns.
“Your brain will send its resources through the blood supply to areas that it can tell that you’re focusing attention and concentration on,”.

I offer a free 15 min consolation by phone followed buy a 2 hour first appointment for £120
I can also offer Skype sessions at £50 per hour

I also offer Skype sessions to other professional workers at £50 per hour who would like to know more about working with trans clients.